Robo-helper Launched By Scooter Giant Piaggio

Piaggio is known to be the world leader when it comes to scooter and its flagship brand Vespa known globally. After releasing various models of their scooters, the company has now launched a new product with two wheels but it is not designed for human transportation.

The new product was made by Boston Fast Forward R&D lab, an Italian firm, and it is called Gita. Gita is a two-wheeled robot that is capable of carrying cargos and has a capacity to transport up to 40 pounds or 18 kilograms of goods. It can either follow a human operator or it can also transport independently as long as it is inside a mapped environment.

The machine resembles a blue ball externally and has a height of 26 inches or 66 cm. Its travel speed is the same as a bicycle which can reach a maximum of 22 mph or 35 km/h.

The main goal of Piaggio Fast Forward is to use another alternative for the usual automobiles or trucks that are used to transport goods and packages. With the new invention, human operators will be able to walk skate, walk and run with assistance from a model vehicle that is similar to Gita.

According to the firm, Gita is intelligent as well as a nimble vehicle for cargo use that is specially designed to mimic the balancing, safety, vehicle dynamics and braking that of a motorcycle with high performance engineering.

Gita is an Italian word for ‘short trip’ and it is pronounced as ‘jee-ta’. It is an ideal travel buddy because of the communicative personality it embodies.

According to the CEO of Piaggio Fast Forward, Jeffrey Schnapp, transportation and robotics sector is now focusing on how to maximize tasks as well as divide labor. The products developed by the company aims to aid human capacity and expand it at the same time.

After the release of Piaggio MP3, this new product is just proof that the company is moving forward with providing service and quality to their customers. The Gita is easy to use. All users have to do is open the lid on top of the robot and place the goods or package they want to transport.