Scam In Staffing Agency Websites

It is common for people who are looking for jobs online to submit their resumes in a website without knowing that their credentials are not only viewed by the supposed to be employers but other online presence as well.

According to KOMO News, one of their viewers contacted the Problem Solver Unit of the news agency regarding a recruiting call that he got. The call sounds suspicious and it only came after the viewer has uploaded his resume online. The viewer is Michael who is from Issaquah and he said that upon visiting the website of the recruiter, he noticed that something is not right.

The website of the staffing agency is very professional at first look but upon further inspection it can be seen as another generic staffing site except for minor changes such as the logo located in the upper left of the page and the name of the website. With that, the suspicion started since it has waved a red flag to the job hunter.

Michael also revealed that the recruiter made contact via e-mail and claims that they have the right position for him. The only problem is that they needed additional personal information from him including his date of birth as well as his social security number.

According to the head of the Seattle Corporate Search which is a known executive staffing company, Sam Henry, those questions alone would be a red flag to anyone. Anyone is not entitled to ask a person’s information such as their social security number and criminal records, up front.

Experts in job search and hiring said that when talking with recruiters or employers, it is only right that personal and private questions should be asked only when there have been a number of meetings and when the person is sure to get a job offer. It is only right to give out information that concerns the job, at first.

Henry said that it is all right to answer questions regarding work history, about what someone is looking for in a job and what requirements are needed. Questions regarding the company are also common and the job seeker should do their own research. For companies looking for qualified workers in Thailand, check out ScoopPeople.Asia.