Significant Opportunities Provided By Dubai To High End Carpet Maker

Ulster Carpets is a family run business aimed to developing export-quality carpets for high end hotels and resorts all over the world. Recently, Ulster has made a major deal with a five-star resort in Dubai. Economy Minister Simon Hamilton has announced the company deal with the Palm Resort during a trade mission to the United Arab Emirates.

Account manager Scott Hanna said that when the hotel opens in 2017, people will be amazed with the breathtaking designs of the luxury carpets. Ulster Carpets has worked with local interior designers so that the demand for quality, high end products is satisfied by the company. The deal with Palm Resort is the latest of the prestigious contracts in the Gulf region. Ulster Carpets has contracts with Burj Al Arab Dubai, Sofitel Dubai Downtown, Hilton Suites, the Marriot, the Conrad and Hilton Convention of the Jabal Omar Development in Makkah KSA.

The hotel sector of Dubai has provided significant opportunities to Ulster Carpets in appreciation for its quality and innovations. In the hotel supply chain market, innovations are particularly valued and there is high demand for quality and high end products. Ulster is one the companies that has seized on the opportunity to do business in the Gulf Region. Ulster Carpets has continued to build a worldwide reputation that demonstrated that Northern Ireland can succeed globally.

Ulster Carpets has also benefited from the support of the Economic Development Agency Invest NI that has maintained staff in Dubai and Jeddah. Turnover was up by 6% to £64 million at Ulster Carpet Mills (Holdings) the parent company in the year to March 31, 2016 due to the recovery in the housing market that led to an increase in demand for Axminster carpets. Change in accountancy however has resulted to a fall in pre-tax profits.

Cleaning a high end and quality carpet is best left to professional carpet cleaning Perth since light cleaning only removes surface dirt. Hotels and resorts usually employ expert services to ensure that carpets are deep cleaned in a systematic method that will bring back the carpet’s original beauty. Harsh stains are also removed through cleaning products that meet environmental regulations.