Space-Based App For Roof Repairs?

With the advancements of technology made in the past few years, useful applications such as Google Maps, have popped up and are now commonly used by people everywhere. The modern times are making everything high-tech, even something as tedious and simple as having your roof repaired. In the future, asking for a roof repair in Sydney might involve a satellite observing your roof.

Two firms, Toronto-based Roofr and Oregon-based Viirt have begun to utilize satellite technology for roof repair measurements, so that they can give their customers greater accuracy with their data. The idea is that, since the data is more accurate, the estimates for the cost of construction is also more accurate, which will no doubt help prospecting homeowners.

The technology functions via an algorithm, which makes calculations based on homeowner sent data. For those wondering, the homeowner simply goes to the company website and outlines their roof, and then denotes what the proper gradient is. The algorithm uses this data, adjusting for gradient and then gives the homeowner a free estimate. There’s also an option added for transparency, wherein the customer can send out the order for their home to a contractor. If this option is taken, the firms receive a portion of the total cost as pay.

The technology isn’t perfect, though. As with space-based services, there are certain unique issues that arise. Obstructions on the ground like trees, posts, etc. as well as unorthodox roof designs and uneven terrain can lead to some discrepancies in the measurements. At its heart, however, the system is design to give out estimates, and nevertheless remains a useful tool for homeowners.

Both firms are seeing a notable increase in traffic. According to the chief executive; Richard Nelson, Roofr is currently confined to servicing the local Toronto area, but they now have plans to make expansions into additional cities, once an investor backs them up.

Meanwhile, Viirt attracted a notable amount of patronage, with venture capital funding reaching $900,000 last year. On top of that, the firm’s associated contractors being fully booked for several months.

The question is whether or not roof repair in Sydney and other places in the world follow suit, and how long it would all take.