State Of The Art Tutoring Services

The market for tutoring services is deemed to be a $7 billion industry. The industry is also said to be in the midst of transformation which is driven by the advent of new technology. The tutoring industry tends to be a labor intensive business. However, with the help of technology you need not have tutors in every place in order for your business to expand on a national scale. With the sophistication of technology, it is much easier to rapidly expand your business.

During the first half of the year, about $423 million was invested in more than 50 education based companies. If this pace will continue in the future, there will be a recorded highest annual investment in the education sector in the coming years. There are some companies like IAC connected students to about 3,000 tutors in more than 40 subjects which overall cost for $40 million. Chegg, a provider of digital books just bought InstaEdu which is an online tutoring center for $30 million. The education publishing company, Pearson Education also bought the remaining shares of TutorVista which is alsoi an online tutoring company. There are also several big tech companies that are taking advantage of the industry boom.  The online giant Amazon bought TenMarks, a math instruction company whose primary service is to provide personalized online math programs. Both Google and Apple are also competing in the market to sell their corresponding tablets to educational institutions in hopes that their systems will be adapted in school and will become default for teachers.

The industry of tutoring has been predominantly dominated by companies that are focused at providing tutoring services to elementary students. Today though, it is to be noted that there is a significant improvement in the tutoring services for students in middle high as well as in high school. The modern-day technology has given the students access to one-on-one tutoring system any time of the day through applications like Skype and other online video chats. This increasing help of new inventions have helped tutoring in Long Beach a more accessible one. Wherever the student might be, he can easily access a tutor online.