Substantial Cost Savings Can Be Gained Through Digital Transformation

Contrary to what many people think, digital transformation for a business does not only change the way it interacts with customers; the change is actually so profound that companies think they are in a different business altogether. An example is JLL a global professional and financial services firm with specialization in commercial real estate services and investment management. Because of its digital transformation, JLL turned into cloud-based software company.

According to JLL’s website, the company is in the business of creating and delivering real value through its commercial real estate to clients, shareholders and its very own people. JLL’s strategy in achieving real value is distinctly digital because it relies on innovative technology to serve its clients. JLL is committed to developing and enhancing data through information management and technology platform in the commercial real estate industry.

JLL’s strategy not only impacts its clients, it covers data and applications. According to JLL’s annual report, it will digitize all data including workflows and business applications by 2020. The most important enabler of the digital strategy is moving to the cloud for internal use and as a platform for customer-facing applications. JLL is moving from a CapEx to OpEx model for its IT expenditures but it will also leverage on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications.

Increasing reliance on the Cloud for internal and external users has made a big impact on JLL’s network structure. At first the digital strategy shook up the network and they had to redirect the network across 230 of their offices. With the direct connection to the Cloud, everything has become possible and now JLL is moving to a second generation of architecture. The transition did have its share of challenges but JLL has managed to work through all the issues. One of the biggest benefits of moving to the cloud is cost reduction and improved network performance.

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