Sydney Funeral Home Evolution: Getting Into The Economics Of Funeral Business

Nothing is certain except death, therefore a Funeral home business will always thrive. However, this venture is not for all. The industry is influenced heavily by the number of deaths annually. According to Australian Funeral Directors Association (AFDA), death rates in the country are declining but still, the country’s funeral industry garners annual revenue of $1billion. AFDA research shows that Winter season is considered as the “the death season” in Australia, covering the months of June – August, where death rates are 24% above average.

In Australia, a typical funeral is priced around $8,000 to $10,000 which breaks down to: $1,500 average fee for Funeral Directors in Sydney, $500 for embalming and body presentation, $2,000 for a traditional wooden casket, $1,000 for funeral ceremony and viewing, $1000 for miscellaneous cost covering hearse, death certificates, obituary, personalized theme decoration, $2,000 cost for digging and grave lot and $2,000 for headstone. Funeral Pre-Planning services is also a popular business trend. People nowadays prefer to make their own funeral arrangements in advance, and are likely to browse around for the best deal.

In this times of grief and sorrow, a professional is required to attend to the needs of the family left behind. Most families hire a Funeral Director. A licensed funeral director is required to undergo training under mortuary science programs ranging from two to four years plus apprenticeship. This is to develop solid managerial and marketing skills, and to familiarize the market and the clientele. It pays off because according to Payscale, the average annual salary for Funeral Directors in Sydney is $44,494, and self-employed operators may be earning much more. The key attribute to become one is infinite amount of understanding and patience. This is because dealing with the loved ones whom the departed have left behind are still in grief and state of shock. Appropriate sympathy while delivering the service and conducting the business transaction must be displayed. The ability to work with corpses in various state of disfigurement is also a necessity in this profession.

Helping out during other people’s worst time may be one of the most rewarding profession. Aside from the financial profit, the satisfaction of giving comfort to the grieving is an intangible reward this industry takes pride in.