Technology Of Google Maps Used For Recreational Parks

Google Maps are used by motorists to plot their travel from Point A to Point B in the shortest and easiest way possible. However, do you know that the same technology is now being used for local recreational parks? It is essentially a virtual tour from start to finish with a view of a person walking or biking on the recreational trail.

A good example is Pumpkin Vine Nature Trail that is visited by many people for walking, biking and running. One Thursday, people on the trail saw the Google equipment that is being used to map roads. The Trekker Equipment was used to collect panoramic still images similar to those found on Google Map so that it can viewed on the trail system.

Google loaned the technology to Indiana Park and Recreation Association to showcase the extensive trail system around the area. The park hopes that the Trek views will bring people to the community and be an economic catalyst. On the other hand, the Park Association also hopes to encourage people who want to enjoy a healthy lifestyle through the recreational trails.

Google Map apps are enjoyed by nearly a billion people worldwide and this is the reason why the technology company is adding fresh features and services for individuals and institutional end users. One of the latest features of Google Map that was showcased by the tech giant is how to derive maximum benefit from Offline Maps, Search-along Routes, Real Time Traffic, Local Guides, etc.

Google Maps are extremely handy for commuters and tourists. It is an open platform that can be used by both individuals and institutions to leverage its services to their benefits. In fact, the technology of Google Maps is used by organizations in the United States to map and analyze crime patterns with a view to ascertaining crime prone areas so that the police can undertake preventive measures.

A simpler and more efficient map that can be used by tourists and motorists alike is map illustrations. While map illustrations also function to provide directions, they are more artistically and creatively prepared so that the user will have an option to traditional paper-based maps.