The Changing Landscapes Of The Snowsurfing Industry: Snowboarding In Japan

Japan is the second most preferred destination for powder enthusiasts. The reasons for this are rather elementary. Japan is a cheaper destination for skiers, and it offers some of the best powder in the world. The reason for such immaculate powder is the relatively high salt content in the powder. Japanese snow is formed by an “ocean-effect”, wherein the air is rapidly cooled as it crosses over the Sea of Japan. The moisture absorbed from the sea then gets crystallized and produces super-fine and dry powder that becomes lavishly deposited on the slopes of the Japanese mountains, making it suitable for snowboarding in Japan.

Compared to the relatively costly ski escapes found in the highlands of Europe and the Americas, the experience in Japan will cost much less. There are approximately 500 ski resorts in Japan, each housing their own trails and slopes. The rooms in these numerous Japanese resorts and lodges are priced relatively cheap, and come with many amenities such as free Wi-Fi, free shuttle services and subsidized ski rental services. The price of food in Japan is also quite cheap: a bowl of ramen costs a maximum of $10 and a bowl of soup costs a maximum of $7.

There are two main regions for snowboarding in Japan. One is the Honshu region to the south, and the other is the Hokkaido region to the north. Both these regions are blessed with immaculate and pristine environments, frozen in time as the winters roll by, with snow piling meters high along the slopes of the mountains. The Honshu region is the more popular of the two, since it houses the nation’s capital, Tokyo. From Tokyo, most of the mountains and ski resorts are at most a $100 ride away. For an exclusive 7 day unlimited train pass to visit all the ski resorts, an individual will only need to shell out $300. Hokkaido on the other hand is a smaller island. Its regional capital is Sapporo and is frequented mostly by Westerners during the winter. Despite its relatively small size compared to the main island, it contains almost as many ski resorts as the Honshu region, and the prices of all the amenities here and priced almost the same.