The Future Of Working In The Office

One of the most trending topics for people looking for employment nowadays is the gig economy. This is a workforce of people consists of freelancers, contractors and independent consultants. They create their very own work portfolios that are in line with their field in order to snag a full time job. This new economy is said to be changing the way people work and how it is starting the change the idea of work inside an office. In a usual job setting, the employers would require their employees to report in the office five days a week for eight hours every day.

The difference of the gig employers is that they are more focus about the performance of the workers rather than their attendance. It is not important where the idea is conceived in order to solve a certain problem regarding work as long as a new idea is created. The worker can be showering, working in the middle of the night or in a yoga class while the idea comes up. The employer of a gig economy places a higher value on the results delivered by the workers rather than the process used to create them.

Not a single study supports the belief that an employee’s productivity, performance and satisfaction are dependent on the number of hours and days spent in the office. The fact is that studies have revealed that majority of the employees working inside an office set up are not engage fully, they spend time not working which results to lower productivity and underperformance is still high despite being in the presence of the management five days a week, eight hours a day.

What is worse is that it costs a lot for a company to maintain a setup of traditional office economy. According to an estimate provided by the CBRE, a typical company based in US spends more than $12,000 for every employee each year in order for them to maintain an office space. In the case of office space, it is not an easy task looking for ROI cases and it is a harder feat to find a company that is going to offer an attractive one. This is also one of the many reasons why office fitouts in Auckland is gaining more popularity than a traditional office setup.