The Global Market for Skin Care Products

The largest segment of the skincare industry is dominated by anti-aging products. The products are applied to the skin so as to avoid the early signs of aging, pimples and black patches. There is an increasing consciousness among consumers globally and this is creating a demand for skincare products.

Skincare products include face creams and body lotions, the segment that made a positive impact on the industry. The face cream segment includes anti-aging creams, sun protection and skin brightening products while the body lotion segment includes body care lotions intended for the mass market and premium body care lotions. Premium body care lotions are the most exceptional skin products that are manufactured with the strictest standards of quality, environmental impact, results and safety.

Consumers in Asia Pacific, Europe, North America as well as the rest of the world are showing significant interest towards skincare products because of the growing concerns on beauty and the desire to have healthy skin. Anti-aging creams are promoted to prevent the early signs of aging that include laxity, wrinkles, depigmentation, erythema and poor skin texture. Consumers are also fascinated with sun protection creams to avoid the adverse effects of ultraviolet rays and prevent sunburn. The sun brightening creams addresses skin problems like dark spots, black patches, wrinkles and uneven skin tone while brightening the skin. Skincare products also cover the body care segment that includes mass market moisturizers and sunscreen lotions.

Skin brightening products hold the largest market share in the skincare market of Asia Pacific while anti-aging creams dominate the skincare market of North America and Europe. Mass market body care lotions hold the largest market share in body lotion segment globally because of the increasing awareness to have healthy skin.

At present, manufacturers of skincare products are focused on widening their distribution channels globally aside from the traditional channels that include supermarkets, beauty product retailers, department stores, pharmacies and online stores to improve market penetration.

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