The Importance Of Broadband Access To Farmers In Missouri

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Everyone is aware that most businesses rely on technology; however, surprisingly, even those that work on land needs the cloud to store important information. Kelly Forck and other farmers are highly dependent on internet access for up-to-date information on crop prices to wind patterns. Detailed soil analysis is accessible through data that is stored on online cloud-based servers.

According to experts, farmers in Missouri require high speed internet access to stay competitive in an industry that is highly dependent on technology. However, according to studies, at least 60% of rural Missouri do not have broadband access. Columbia Missouri reports that with fast internet access, farms can operate more efficiently to provide for both local and national food needs.

Chris Chinn, director of Missouri Department of Agriculture says that that there are fewer farmers today compared to the past decades. Nowadays, one farmer is feeding 157 individuals. Since the population continues to grow, farmers must have all the necessary tools on their hands to sustain demand.

Farmers used to make phone calls to find out the current prices of crops but with technology, they can easily access information through their iPad. Markets are fast changing and farmers need the internet to stay updated with the latest news without waiting to hear them from the radio. The Internet also provides farmers with critical information about an insect or disease that is coming across the state.

Farmers require Tax ID in MO because they need it to open a bank account in the farm’s name. The Tax ID is also required if the farmer plans to hire employees to work on the farm. It is very easy to obtain Tax ID nowadays because applications forms are downloadable from the internet.