The Partnership That Built The World’s Fastest Electric Motorcycle

Yadea Group Holdings is the leader in China’s two-wheel vehicle industry. On the other hand, Lighting is the most technologically advanced company that manufactures electric motorcycles. The two companies have joined hands to produce the world’s fastest electric motorcycle, the LS218 Electric Superbike with a speed of 352 km/hr. Yadea’s strategic decision may trigger some innovations in China’s two-wheel industry to pay more attention to technological innovations and the adoption of core technology.

China’s Yadea has announced that the company has acquired shares of Lighting Motors with the objective of working close together in research and development, technology innovation, development of global clients and promotion of the fastest motorcycle all over the world. The cooperation of both companies will improve the quality of electric motorcycles to provide happiness and a better experience for consumers.

Lighting Motors Corporation was the brainchild of Richard Hatfield who combined his passion for motorcycles and his commitment to the environment. In 1995, Hatfield was invited to drive an electric Porche motorcycle for the national electric vehicle road race championship. Hatfield believed that the lighter weight of 2-wheeled vehicles were more suitable to the energy density of batteries. This was the beginning of Lighting Motors that innovated and developed the manufacturing technology of electric motorcycles.

In 2006, Lighting Motors developed the world’s first Lithium Sport Bike. In 2007, Lighting broke a long standing record on land speed through its newly developed prototype super electric bike. In 2011, Lighting was able to break its own land speed record and became known as the company that produced electric motorcycles whose speed exceeded 200 miles. In 2012, the company was able to develop the first solar-powered superbike. In 2013, Lighting won against the world’s best gasoline racing motorcycles with the speed of 218 mph or 352 km/hr, a record that has never been broken so far.

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