The Truth In Meth House Cleanups

Jared Herbert is one of the workers of Meth Mob, a company that specialized in cleaning houses that were contaminated with meth also known as meth houses. People have no idea how hard it is to accomplish the task but staff at carpet cleaning in Perth knows how challenging it is because cleaning carpets alone is already a hard task. Herbert goes to work wearing a respirator and a hazmat suit but people do not know the exact nature of his work.

When people ask him, he tells them that they are cleaning chemical contamination in the residential area or they are simply cleaning houses. This is because they know how people in the neighbourhood will not accept the information well. His job requires him to travel all over the country to deal with houses that have been reported to have a high level of meth contamination. He works along with a team of crew specializing in asbestos cleaning.

Herbert said that he has been to run down houses but he has also decontaminated houses that are worth millions of dollars. While it may not be good news, he admits that meth houses are everywhere in the country.

Meth Mob’s owner, Ann Atkin, said that annually they are decontaminating over a hundred houses. It has only been two years since the company was established but they already found out a growing trend as their bookings are increasing each month. They do not want to create fear in communities but they admit that some houses have tested negative for meth while many have resulted to positive in meth contamination.

Meth is very dangerous because it is a stimulant that causes addiction. It can be injected into the body, smoked, snorted or swallowed. It can be either powder or pill but the appearance of crystal meth is similar to bluish white rocks that are shiny or glassy.

In order to start cleaning, the crew must know the level of contamination. When carpets are exposed to the drug, it must be thrown out and no company that handles carpet cleaning in Perth will be good enough to remove the contamination.