Time For A New Map Illustration Of Melbourne

Whenever you are traveling to a new place where you haven’t been to or you haven’t been to in a long period of time, you will need an updated map illustration of that place and its surrounding areas. You see, a detailed and updated map will be your guide throughout your travel and in any unfortunate case that you get lost, you just need to closely look at the map, try to backtrack where you got lost and get yourself back on the track. That’s the importance of having a masterfully-illustrated map especially for major cities. It should have photos which have been taken from the ground level but will give you a bird’s eye view. To be able to make an interactive map, a high quality set of photos must be provided to the illustrator because the illustrator will incorporate both his hand skills in using the pencil and the new technology in making maps plus the photos to come up with the most detailed map possible.

As mentioned above, a good map illustration is needed especially for tourists who are touring around major cities such as Melbourne in Australia. 27 years ago, Melinda Clark published a popular illustrated map of the great city of Melbourne in which she felt she needed to make an updated one. That map by the way, was fully made by hand. And, that map ended up on display in the walls of schools, libraries, galleries and even, homes across Victoria. On her recent return to Down Under, she thought Melbourne sorely lacked a new illustrated map. Initially, Ms. Clarke didn’t know how she is going to achieve that. She talked to a lot of artists from the city and even flew around using a hot air balloon. While up in the air and in the ground, Ms. Clarke took around 7,500 images which she later on pierced together that gave a more comprehensive aerial view of Melbourne. 8 months into the work, Ms. Clarke launched a fund-raising initiative that will ensure the completion of the map that she is working on by the end of 2017.