Tips To Control Redback Infestation During The Summer Months

One pest that is most commonly found during the summer months is the Redback spider. The warmer climates increase the cases of Redback infestation.  The bite of this spider is very painful and venomous. Though anti -venom is available, these spiders are the most dreaded creatures all over the country.

There are professional pest control services for Redback control in Newcastle, which offer efficient treatment using modern equipment and organic chemicals. The treatment for these spiders is not generalized and needs a find them out and eliminate approach. These spiders generally tend to make their webs adjacent to the walls, children’s outdoor play equipment, under the letterboxes and fences, and near any stored items in garages. These spiders are very difficult to identify and need a thorough examination with specialized equipments, to search for these spiders in the cavities of walls and roofs of your property, inside the tubing of furniture and under stored goods. Once a thorough inspection is done, the specialists will use specially formulated chemicals to destroy these spiders. However homeowners can follow a few simple steps to keep these spiders away from their property

  • The most important step to keep any sort of bugs away from the home is to maintain cleanliness in and around the home. Clean the furniture regularly with proper disinfectants.
  • Keep a close eye to watch for any spider webs on the outdoor furniture and in the surroundings of your home.  Destroy the webs immediately and call for expert help if you notice a major infestation.
  • Do not leave shoes, gardening equipment and children toys lying on the outdoors and always inspect them properly before using. Most of the spider bites are reported by spiders nesting in the shoes and gloves.
  • Do not store unwanted items as the Redbacks tend to build webs under the stored items. Clean your storage area, garden and other outdoor areas regularly.

Contact a professional service for Redback control in Newcastle, immediately after you notice any infestation on your premises. The sooner you act, the easier it would be to eliminate these spiders. Store bought pesticides and insecticides are not very efficient in destroying these bugs. The professional technicians use special chemicals formulated to treat Redbacks to keep your home safe from these spiders.