Treating Substance Abuse Through Technology

There are many resources available for the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction. Society can be compassionate when they know the sincere efforts of a drug user to find treatment. There are rehabilitation centers run by the government as well as non-profit organizations to provide the necessary assistance and treatment for alcohol and drug dependents. However, at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, doctors discovered a different type of treatment than can be more effective than traditional techniques.

Doctors researched a new technology that can be the possible groundbreaking end to drug addiction – a tracking device that monitors drug use. You are certainly familiar with the fitness tracker that monitors steps you take daily. The drug use tracker works in the same way as the fitness tracker. The device is worn on the wrist to recognize patterns of drug use that will eventually lead to addiction.

It is common for users of cocaine to experience jittery and disorganized movements of their arms. These body movements which are associated with drug use are downloaded using a Smartphone. One of the things that the doctors aim to predict is when someone who is undergoing treatment is starting to crave the drug. An intervention can be provided in real time to prevent the drug dependent from accessing drugs.

Also in the works is capsule that has the capability to detect how much and how often the patients take pain medication after they leave a hospital. The capsule contains medicine and an electric sensor with a tiny battery that activates when it hits stomach acid. A radio transmitter is turned on which sends a signal to a Smartphone.

These two types of technology can change how pain relievers are prescribed. Monitoring devices can prevent drug addiction effectively because they can track cravings and prevent substance abuse before it occurs.

At Passages Malibu the first step towards the recovery of drug and alcohol addiction is to find the real reason behind the abuse. Addiction is not a disease because it can be due to a chemical imbalance. There are also individuals who face difficulty coping up with certain conditions or events in the past. When these reasons are found, it is time to work to heal it.