Want To Try Vegetarian Cuisine In Chiang Mai

Thailand is notable for its huge variety of tropical fruits. When you go to a Thai market, you’llbe surprised to see lots of colourful fruits and vegetables, which is an advantage to many vegetarians. You’llalso be surprised to see people mostly feeding on fruits alone and consider themselves fruitarians. However, one can’t just live on fruits alone. If you’rein the northern part of Thailand, you’ll want to taste avegetarian cuisine in Chiang Mai to suit your taste buds.

However, there is another side of the story. Although many people assume all vegetarians are health-conscious, but it doesn’t necessarilyapply for all. Like in India, millions of people feed on vegetables and fruits alone, but they combine their meals with white rice, white sugar, heavy milk products, sweets and deep fried food in their diet. And you’ll find many Indian vegetarians who are seriously overweight.

But let’s try to focus on health-conscious vegetarians who feed on whole grains, nuts and seeds, avoid fried foods and say no to sugary foods. Here we run this challenge in Thailand, which is only true for cities like Bangkok and Chiang Mai as they come with different varieties. If you were in other parts of the country, you’ll only be limited to brown rice and cashew nuts. But as there are several restaurants in Chiang Mai and Bangkok, you may as well try the vegetarian cuisine in Chiang Mai or Bangkok for a healthier option in your meal.

If you were to eat out at a restaurant in these areas, you’ll have to fight a regular battle informing the waiter that you don’t want fish sauce or MSG added to your food. If you don’t mention it, they will try adding it to your meals. So it may feel great to emphasise that fish sauce and MSG mustn’tbe added to your food.

Another issue of cooking vegetables in Thailand like a vegetarian cuisine in Chiang Mai is having them fried in the cheapest oil available. For health conscious vegetarians, Thai food can be really greasy and if you check any Thai menu, you’ll find a long list of fried foods there. Another option to try is soups whichare incomparable to the western idea of a real meal.