Wearable Technology To Make Travel More Efficient

Planning for a holiday has become rather efficient because of technology. Travellers can book flights through the phone. Mapping apps serve as guides in unfamiliar cities. Social media check-ins can record your progress. A visitor need not bring a camera along because the Smartphone can record and photograph the entire trip.

The next phase of technology offered for travellers is wearables. Years ago, the Smartphone was the indispensable travel gadget but the travel industry today is embracing other connected devices that make travellers part of the global trend for Internet of Things (IoT). The most recent technology that was unveiled by the world’s largest cruise company Carnival is a tiny 50g disc that can act as the personal concierge of guests.

The tiny disc can be worn as pendant on the wristband or clip. Depending on the choice of the guests, the disc can be simply placed inside the pocket to make sure that the trip runs smoothly. The tiny disc serves as the ticket for the cruise. It can also streamline the process of boarding and serve as the door key to the cabin. It can also be used as an e-wallet similar to Apple Pay of Hong Kong’s Octopus Card to pay for everything on board the ship.

When the disc is worn on the wrist, it can be laser-etched with the guest’s name, the ship’s name and the sailing date. It uses the kind of technology that can be found on the Smartphone and includes chips that allow Near Field Communication (NFC) and Bluetooth.

Guests must download the app called Ocean Compass on their phones to use the embedded technology on the disc. A guest can order a drink using the disc and a bartender will deliver anywhere you are. You can also use the disc to locate companions or find directions.

Technology has become an indispensable part of travel. At Castara Bliss Apartments, high speed fibre optic internet connection is available to allow you to do serious work even while on vacation. However, the beauty of the Caribbean Sunset will not allow you to do much work because the outdoors is more interesting and exciting.