What You Need To Know About The Landscape Industry

Landscape pertains to the visible features that are artistically placed on an area. There are different physical elements which are taken into consideration in order to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the piece of land.

Size of the landscape industry

There are a couple of market reports available which provides the data on the size of this particular industry. Statistics coming from the July issue of the IBIS World market report showed that the landscape industry has hefty annual revenue amounting to about $76 billion and reports and annual growth of about 3.4 percent. The industry also employs about 958,700 people and represents as much as 466,700 businesses.

State of the landscape industry

In a survey conducted by the Lawn and Landscape Magazine State last year, the respondents reported business as follows: 23 percent in industrial or commercial, 65 percent single residential families. The breakdown in revenue are also as follows: 19 percent in build and design, 42 percent in maintenance, 6 percent tree care, 6 percent in snow removal and irrigation and 13 percent in lawn care. The fastest growing services in the industry were the design or build and maintenance. According to the surveying body, the average company usually employs at least 15 people on a yearly basis. The average business also has about $1 million in revenue with net profit of about 10 percent.

The Landscape Management Industry Pulse Report of last year showed that 80 percent of the contractors taking part in the survey described the state of the landscape market as very much healthy compared to only 56 percent who said that the market was healthy two years ago. The various contractors were optimistic on the outlook of the industry this year as well as in the coming years. About 17 percent of the interviewed contractors said that they are expecting higher revenues this year compared to last year.

Along with this perceived attractive market for the landscape industry is also the boom in the fencing industry. Fencing Barnsley as well as in other places is in demand. The market will continuously expand in the coming years.