When A Financial Firm Feels More Like A Tech Company

At Susquehanna International Group (SIG), the company culture is refreshingly technology focused. The environment is agile in the true sense of the word with a culture where technology is the heart of the business. It is possible to meet the technology needs of the business quickly and effectively.

Many IT experts are frustrated about working in banks and other large companies because they do not have much power to influence the decisions of managers. In fintech start-ups, the IT people are closer to the senior management and their suggestions are implemented rather quickly.

Susquehanna is an established firm but compared to banks, there is less management restrictions when it comes to technology – a culture that is rather unique for IT’s. SIG has a competitive advantage over other firms because of its superior technology. The working environment resembles that of a tech firm instead of a financial firm. Bureaucracy is always present in the IT departments of big banks. On the other hand, SIG has more nimble organization with a high level of quality control yet adaptive and flexible in their management of IT projects.

Since there is no unnecessary bureaucracy in SIG, the techies are given more freedom when it comes to coding and the implementation of technologies and methodologies. There is a lot of collaboration between technology and other aspects of the business that is why the firm is very attractive to IT professionals who are innovative and want to implement new things. Compared to other bureaucratic organizations, SIG presents many exciting opportunities to techies.

Susquehanna also boasts of a friendly culture where employees are allowed to admit their mistakes. People do not scream when things go wrong nor do they blame others for the mistakes. They behave like adults and work together to fix the problem. This is the reason why SIG stands out from other companies.

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